1. Safety of the products 
Decline to use any implicit facility that might occur Toxin in the producing process, to avoid the possibility of DIOXIN. The design and assembly of the whole production is reasonable and advanced. The suppliers of raw materials, such as EO, TMA, HCl and vegetable carriers, are selected strictly according to standard quality. Hydrochloric acid is food grade with high quality; while the vegetable carrier is produced by ourselves. All of these works maximally protect the products from the pollution by hazards as DIOXIN. Meanwhile, we signed a long-term contract with SGS, to insure the safety and stability of the product by inspecting and controlling the carrier and finished products monthly.
  B. An advanced formal Laboratory, built according to the National CNAS Standard, was qualified with a third party test capacity authorized by the Nation. It ensures a firm inspection and test of general quality data along the whole process of production.C. Rigorous quality-control measures are put in practice under the PQA management system.

2. Continual and stable supply
perpetually surviving: one and the only one facility of Choline Chloride in China that is designed and constructed according to present law of safety and environment protection.
  B. Advanced technique: the whole facility was assembled according to the instruction by Experts from Europe.
  C. Suppliers of EO, TMA as well as HCl are our partners by long-term cooperation contract.
  D. Vegetable carrier is produced in BNC, to guarantee the stability of supplying.
  E. High-qualified work team. This is the only Choline Chloride factory whose technicians are graduated from professional college.

3. Advantages on Cost
Cost of Raw material purchasing and Finished Product delivery is the lowest among the choline chloride factories in China. All raw materials can be purchased nearby factory; and its 80km far from the Tianjin port(a main container port of China) is also the nearest one.
  B. Vegetable carrier is produced in BNC, to reduce cost of the production.
  C. The facility is built and operated by Be-Long’s own fund, this means there is no risk of finance and interest to the bank. ֳ ټ ̫ ͨ ټ ͨ ټ e ͨ ɱ̫ ټ ֱ ȫѶ IJվ ټ ټ ټ ټ ޵ظ ʹ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹ ټ ̫ ͨ ʹڿ ʹͶע ĵ ȫѶ ټֿ ˰ټ ټ ʹƽ̨ ̫ǿ