Choline Chloride


Commodity Name : Choline Chloride
Molecular Formula : C5H14NCLO
Molecular structure:

Choline chloride 50% 60% 70% vegetable carrier Choline chloride 50% 60% silica Choline chloride 70% 75% liquid

Production and Manufacture: Choline has essential functions in the body of human being and animals. It is generally classified as a Vitamin of B-complex. Choline occurs in man-made in the form of choline chloride, its scientific name is ß-Hydroxy-N,N,N,-trimethylammonium chloride and the Molecular formula is C5H14NClO. It is a Vitamin that can easily soluble in water.

Uses: It plays a vital role in a number of different ways:
• As a constituent in building a maintenance of cell structures.
• In fat metabolism of the liver, to transport fat from the liver. This will reduce the risk of a fatty liver.
• As a transmitter to transmitting signals in the nerve.

Choline chloride plant based and silica based are normally packed in 25 kgs multi-wall kraft paper bags, or in 500 kgs jumbo bags. Choline chloride liquid is usually packed in plastic drums or jumbo drums.

Continuous and closed production to avoid contamination. We divided the manufacturing process into several control points. To achieve the most reliable quality of choline chloride finish product, we built a complete testing system to ensure a exact control of each points.

About Us

Be-Long (North)  Corporation, an advanced factory of feed additives, was established after the  Choline Chloride Project in Shandong Province.

This factory locates in Zhongjie Youyi Farm,  Huanghua County, Hebei Province,  along the seashore of Bohai, neighbored  Tianjin Xingang in North, freeways as Jinghu, Jinshan and Shihuang in west,  with a convenient transportation.

Be-Long Corp. entered in the realm of Feed  Additives and Biological Pharmacy since 1999, devotes itself to the research,  production and marketing promotion, while also dealing with realms of fine  chemicals, food ingredients and pharmaceutical raw materials.

Choline is an absolutely necessary basic part of human being and animals. It is normally regarded as Vitamin B4, which belongs to Vitamin B group. Choline Chloride is from artificial synthesis, easily dissolves in water.

As one kind of Vitamin, Choline plays vital basic roles that can not be completely replaced by other materials.
  1. a component of Cell Membrane
  2. facilitates the catabolism of fat, reduce the risk of fatty liver
  3. transmits neural signals

Be-Long (North) Corporation produces series of Feed Grade Choline Chloride: liquid, vegetable and silica carrier products. Choline-Chloride-Certificat

Based on safety, environment-protection and  sanitation, the factory established a first modern producing line with non  contamination.

The company built a perfect quality  management system which conforms to ISO22000. Meanwhile, it is the first  Choline Chloride factory certified officially by EU with FAMI-QS in China.

As early as in 1999, Be-Long Corp. has  advocated to producing Choline Chloride according to the standard of EEC, which  led to its product entering into EU and American markets firstly. High quality  and sounded reputation gain confidence and support abroad. The annual output of  Choline Chloride reaches 120,000.00 tons, which is supplied to consumers all  over the world by a global market chain.


1. Safety of the products

a. Decline to use any implicit facility that might occur Toxin in the producing process, to avoid the possibility of DIOXIN. The design and assembly of the whole production is reasonable and advanced.
b. The suppliers of raw materials, such as EO, TMA, HCl and vegetable carriers, are selected strictly and then confirmed. Hydrochloric acid is from supplier of professional acid-synthesization instead of the by-product from other industry; while the vegetable carrier is produced by ourselves. All of these works maximally protect the products from the pollution by hazards as DIOXIN.
c. Cooperate with SGS by long-term contract, to insure the safety and stability of the product by inspecting and controlling the carrier and finished products monthly.
d. Outfit with advanced inspection equipments as Ion Chromategraph, to inspect and control the general data of the entire producing process.

2. continual and stable supply

a. Continuably surviving: one and the only one facility of Choline Chloride in China that is designed and constructed according to present law of safety and environment protection.
b. operated by our own capital for the construction and floating cost to avoid any risk of finance.
c. Suppliers of EO, TMA as well as HCl are our partners by long-term cooperation contract.
d. Vegetable carrier is produced in BNC, to guarantee the stability of supplying.
e. High-qualified work team. This is the only Choline Chloride factory whose technicians are graduated from professional college.

3. Absolute advantages on price

a. Cost of Raw material purchasing and Finished Product delivery is the lowest among the Choline Chloride factories in China. All raw materials can be purchased nearby factory; and its 80km far from the Tianjin port(a main container port of China) is also the nearest one.
b. Vegetable carrier is produced in BNC, to reduce cost of the production.
c. BNC is the only Choline Chloride factory has no loan from bank in China

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