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Primary ingredient of the product is colistin sulphate which is the mixture of 10% colistin sulphate E1 and E2.


100g : 10g (three hundred million unit)


The product is light fawn microparticles and easy to absorbing moisture.

【pharmacological action】

The primary ingredient of Colistin sulphate premix is colistin sulphate which is alkaline antibiotic belong to polycyclic peptide. Its antibacterial mechanism is that colistin sulphate can adsorb on bacterial cell envelop and combine with free phosphate groups from membrane phospholipid of  sensitized bacterium. Then it can enhance menbrance permeability. Purine , pyrimidine and the like in cell escaping from protoplasmic cell cause bacterium gradual death. The product has strong antibacterial action on gram-negative bacteria. It is valid for E.coli, salmonella, pasteurella, vibrio, dysentery bacillus and p.aeruginosa while it is invalid for gram-negative bacteria. Its effects on anti-gram-negative bacteria is better than tetracyclines. As antibiotics feed additive, the product can improve animal growth and conversation rate of fodder by inhibiting harmful bacteria growth in animals’ intestinal canal.

Colistin sulphate is difficult to absorb by the mouth which is rapid excretion and less toxicity. There is seldom in animal body after eating by mouth while 60%~80% is expel from soil. The excrement is resolved by bacterium, so it will not pollute the environment.

It is not easy to cause drug tolerance. And it produces cross-resistance with other antibiotics of the same type while no cross-resistance shown in using with other drugs.

【adaptation disease】

Improve animal growth and the conversation rate of fodder. Prevent young animal from bacterial diarrhea. Then survival rate will be increased.

【usage and dosage】

Mixed feeders, reference volume




Table hen



Piglet Period

Fattening Period








【important notice】

1.       it is prohibited use in laying hen during its laying period.

2.       it is prohibited use with solubility barbiturates and vitamin B12.

【withdrowal time】

Seven days

【untoward effect】


【packing specification】


【shelf life】

2 years


It should be shaded, obturated and preserve in a dry place.


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