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Product Name: Betaine Anhydrous(CAS No. 107-43-7)
Betaine anhydrous, one of the betaine series and also known as betaine base, is a kind of nutritional additive of efficiency, high-quality and economic advantage and is widely used for animal and poultry breeding and aquiculture as well.

[Molecular Formula] (CH3)3N+CH2COO-

[Molecular Weight]: 117.15

[Physical Properties]: White or yellowish crystal or crystalline powder


1). It can, being an efficient methyl supplier, partly take the place of methionine and choline chloride, thus greatly lower the cost and increase both the lean meat rate and the quality of meat.
2). By using it, the meat quality and quantity will be greatly increased.
3). It helps increase the survival rate of young fish and shrimps by means of improving the digestive system under serious situations.
4). It is beneficial to the stability of Vitamin A and B, but free from the acidity that Betaine Hydrochloride carries, thus the most tasty one in betaine series.
5). It does not destroy other nutritious gradients, because of its absence of high acidity that Betaine Hydrochloride carries.

[Product specification] 25Kg/bag


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