Enramycin Premix (Enduracidin, Enradin)

Enramycin Premix (Enduracidin, Enradin) - Manufacturers and Suppliers Enramycin Premix (Enduracidin, Enradin) 4%,8%

Character: Grey or pale brown powder, special odours.

Particle size: 100% pass 2# sieve.

Labeled amount 90.0%-110.0%.

Loss on drying: (105℃, dried to the content weight): ≤10.0%.

Function: Antibiotic, prevent animals from gram-positive bacteria. Promot growth for pig and chicken.

Usage and dosage: Mix homogeneously in 1000kg feed, Pig 2.5g-20g, Chicken 1-5g.

Withdrawal period: 7 days.


Can not be used in laying period. Forbid to mix achromycin, kitasamycin, virginiamycin.

Usage and dosage: (1). 100g : 4g (4 000 000iu)

(2). 100g : 8g (8 000 000iu)

Storage: Sealed tightly and kept away from light in a dry place.

Shelf life: 2 years.


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