Focusing on providing most adaptable solutions for cleaning industry, the Cleansing Department dedicates in supplying raw chemicals for detergent and water treatment. 

ten years’ running chemicals, we are cooperating with companies all around the world. Being sensitive to the market, as well as being professional in the total industry, our customers are provided not only the chemicals, but also the technology solutions to capture the opportunity of success.     

satisfy every individual is to pursuit each one’s largest profit. With this purpose, our customers’ needs, we have has been regarding. 
- The best quality is the very first basic which contributed in affirming the Brand.
- The most competitive price is one important affect on surviving in the Market. 
- To stand on your side and to solve your problems is our greatest aim and achievement. 

the most popular inorganic in this industry, phosphate salts are regarded as the key products in our view. To promote the surfactant’s performance is to protect its activities by erasing metal ions and maintaining pH within 9 to10. Phosphates are undoubtedly the best auxiliary in realizing this. 

  Besides, Silicates perform as fresh yet shining option to substitute phosphates. They are favored by advantages considering the cost and the environment. 

  Meanwhile, related chemicals are also regarded by us. We are glad to provide one-stop service, in order to figure out the best solution!