Be-Long North Corporation (BNC)

  Be-Long North Corporation (BNC), an advanced factory of feed additives, was established after the Choline Chloride Project in Shandong Province, producing series of Feed Grade Choline Chloride: liquid, vegetable and silica carrier products.

  Based on safety, environment-protection and sanitation, the factory established a first modern producing line with non contamination.

  The company built a perfect quality management system which conforms to ISO22000. Meanwhile, Be-Long North Corporation is the first Choline Chloride factory which is officially certified by EU with FAMI-QS in China.

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Address: P.O.Box. 139 Gulou Post Office | Nanjing, 210008 China ֳ ټ ̫ ͨ ټ ͨ ټ e ͨ ɱ̫ ټ ֱ ȫѶ IJվ ټ ټ ټ ټ ޵ظ ʹ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹڿ ʹ ټ ̫ ͨ ʹڿ ʹͶע ĵ ȫѶ ټֿ ˰ټ ټ ʹƽ̨ ̫ǿ