1996 The main investors involved in the import and export business of chemicals .

2001 We started to invest in the construction of Choline Chloride plant, and exported to Europe and South America this year.
Be-Long (North) Corporation is the fourth Choline Chloride plant that Be-Long ever participated in construction, and also is high - quality assets 100% wholly-owned by Be-Long.

2007 We launched R & D and marketing on washing auxiliary detergent silicate series products.

May, 2009 Be-Long (North) Corporation was approved by the certification of FAMI-QS.

September, 2009  Be-Long (North) Corporation products entered oil drilling field and was widely recognized .

2010  Modified Sodium Disilicate gain received wide range of market applications.

May, 2011  Be-Long (North) Corporation technology was successfully upgraded, production capacity reached 80,000 tons, and was evaluated as' compliance , sustainable growth ' Choline Chloride plant by international authority .

October, 2011   Be-Long (North) Corporation passed week-long on-site inspections by American authority , the results showed we are fully compliance with the standards of superior grade of the listed chemical industry.

2012 Group headquarters established ' choline ' global strategy to accelerate the pace of product upgrade, meanwhile extends to multiple areas and we are determined to become benchmark enterprise under international industrialization.

Today   We will firmly uphold the BMK model, upgrade and extend logistics operation, and run through foreign trade service concept to the whole process of orders. �ֳ� ���� �ټ��� ̫���� ����ͨ ������ �ټ��� ����ͨ �ټ��� ����e�� ����ͨ ���ɱ�̫���� �ټ��� ֱ���� ȫѶ�� �IJ���վ ������ �ټ��� �ټ��� �������� �ټ��� �ټ��� �����޵���ظ� �ʹ����� �ʹڿ��� �ʹڿ��� �ʹڿ��� �ʹڿ��� �ʹڿ��� �ʹ����� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� �������� ������������ �ټ��� ̫���� ����ͨ �ʹڿ��� �ʹ�Ͷע ����ĵ� ȫѶ�� �ټ��ֿ��� ���˰ټ��� ������ �ټ��� �ʹ�ƽ̨ ̫���ǿ���