Bio Fertilizers

Bio-fertilizer is contains both crops required nutrient element, and contains microbial products, biological, is a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer, it can replace provide crop growth and development of all kinds of required nutrient elements.
Biological fertilizer is founded with organic matter, then match with bacterium agent and inorganic fertilizer mixture. It is made with special performance of microbial after fermentation, contain many beneficial microbe, shi into the soil, or can fixed air of n, or can activate the nutrient in the soil, improve plant nutrition environment, or in the microbial life activities of process, produce the active substances, stimulate the growth of a plant specific microbial products.
Types of biological fertilizer:
1, biological organic fertilizer, agriculture and animal husbandry of wastes or organic waste by beneficial microbe fermentation, and processed organic fertilizer like Sodium Humate,Potassium Humate,Humic acid,Fulvic acid called the biological organic fertilizers.
2, the straw dendranthema agent and domestic animals &fowls, organic waste yeast3, microbial inoculum, it refers to the beneficial microbe with known by liquid fermentation and into the liquid living bacterium products, or bacterium fluid by sterile carrier becomes solid adsorption living bacterium products. The biological fertilizer product quality instability is microbial inoculum production is the main problems existing in. The main reason is that strains, carrier and fermentation equipment.
4, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer development soon, mainly used for livestock and poultry raising and aquaculture, also can used for crops beforehand sowing. results and foliar spraying.
5, composite microbiological fertilizer, it has 3 forms: the first kind is microbial inoculum and organic material, inorganic fertilizer granulation; after mixing The second is microbial inoculum and organic fertilizer granulation and then mixed with compound fertilizer mixed packing; The third one is in organic and inorganic compound fertilizer pack of additional a bag of microbial inoculum, in the field application form before inoculum and organic and inorganic compound fertilizer mix.
6, "enzyme bacteria" and "EM"
Advantages of Using Bio-Fertilizers
1, to improve soil fertility application of nitrogen fertilizer, can increase the soil microbial sources of n, XieLin, minerals, microbiological fertilizer can be undissolved of soil phosphorus, potassium decomposition out, change is crops can absorb use of phosphorus, potassium compounds, improve crop nutrition conditions.
2, manufacturing and assist the crops absorb nutrition rhizobia leguminous plant roots and fixed first-infection of air of n.
3, enhance plant resistance and drought resistance due to microbial fertilizers in crop root luxuriant growth breeding, inhibit or reduce the pathogenic microorganism reproductive opportunities; The role of the microbial disease resistance, reduce crop diseases, Microbial growth, hyphae of the water absorption can increase crop drought fighting capability.
4, the most important advantage of using bio-fertilizers is that they are environment friendly, unlike chemical fertilizers that damage the environment.
They help to increase crop yields by 10-25%.