Fertilizer is a chemical compound including different kinds of necessary for the growth of plant and flowers. There are two main types of organic and inorganic fertilizers. Fertilizer can be divided into six types: fertilizer, biological fertilizer, agricultural chemical fertilizer, urea fertilizer, composting,  organic fertilizers.

Chemical Fertilizer: this kind of fertilizer use most is to ammonium phosphate Fertilizer, presses breed can be divided into three categories. ① Are ammonium phosphate yields are biggest category, main varieties are located, ammonium phosphate and a mixture of both diammonium phosphate and  ammonium dihydrogen phosphate. ②ammonium polyphosphate is the mixture of different degree of polymerization, many of them are used in the manufacture of fluid compound fertilizers. ③The compound fertilizers that mix with other ammonium phosphate nitrogenous.
Bio fertilizer: this kind of fertilizer key features are: ① pollution free. ② Formula science, nutrient is complete. ③the soil, increase exploiting the activation. ④ low cost, high yields. ⑤improve product quality, reduce the harmful accumulation. ⑥effectively improve the cultivated land fertility, improve soil fertilizer environment. 7 inhibit the soil-borne. ⑦promote crop premature.
Urea Fertilize: this kind of fertilizer key features are: ①quantity these flowers, ② adjust hydrophobic flower succoth fruit, (3) effect of the pest control rice breeding, 
Organic fertilizer: this kind of fertilizer key features are: ① soil improvement, soil fertility buildup. ② to increase crop yield and improve production quality, ③ improve fertilizer utilization.
Biological organic fertilizer and fertilizer comparison:
1) bio fertilizer nutrients is well-found, Fertilizer nutrients only one or several.
2) bio fertilizer could improve soil, Fertilizer use often causes soil harden.
3) bio fertilizer could improve the quality of the product, Fertilizer excessive cause product inferior quality.
4) bio fertilizer could improve rhizosphere microbes, improve plant pest and disease resistance ability; Chemical fertilizer is microbial groups single crop diseases and insect pests, easy happening.
5) bio fertilizer can promote fertilizer use, improve fertilizer utilization, Fertilizer used alone, it is apt to cause nutrient of fixed and erosion.