Urea Fertilizer

Name: Urea Fertilizer, carbon amides, urea
Chemical formulas: CON2H4 / CO (NH ₂) ₂, (NH2) 2CO or CN2H4O
Molecular mass: 60.06, CO (NH ₂)₂
Appearance: white crystals or powder.
Production methods: industrial with liquid ammonia and carbon dioxide as raw materials, high temperature and high pressure condition in the direct synthesis of urea, chemical reaction is as follows:
Urea is the first kind of artificial synthesis inorganic substances for organic compounds. Urea applies to the cotton and non-uniform, sometimes also used as seeds. Urea applies to all crops and all soils can be used as basal and non-uniform, drought paddy fields can all be applied.
Major application
1, adjust the amount of flower
Our apple can improve leaf nitrogen content, accelerate new shoots growth inhibition bud differentiation, make flower quantity is suitable.
2, dredging flower dredging fruit
Peach of urea is very sensitive, peach and nectarine fruit of succoth, need large flowers succoth concentration (7.4%) can showed good effect, suit most concentration of 8% to 12%.
3, rice breeding
4, pest control
With urea, washing powder and water 4:1:40 0 copies, mixing and mixed can prevent fruit, vegetables, cotton aphids, starscream, caterpillar, kill insect pests such as effect to 90%.
5, urea iron fertilizer
Storage methods
1, before using the urea packing must remain intact, and in the process of transportation to handled with care, rainproof drench, stored in a dry, well ventilated, temperature in 20 degrees below place.
2, if is a large storage, below should use wood that mat within 20 centimeter, upside and roof should stay above 50 centimeters in space, so as to facilitate ventilation moisture, lsyer and lsyer between to set aside aisle. Favors the check and ventilation. Already open the bag of urea such as useless over, must promptly sealed opening, eli awe-inspiring use.
Agricultural usage
Extensively used as a chemical fertilizer, urea releases nitrogen into soil which is thereafter taken in by the plants.
On a commercial basis, urea is available as prills or as a granulated fertilizer. The large granules are crystalline white and are highly resistant to moisture and thus facilitate long time storage as well. Today these granular shaped crystals of urea are blended with most of the fertilizers.
Advantages of Urea Fertilizer
When applied in measured proportions and through precise methodology, urea works wonder for all crops and increase4s the yields by great proportions
As urea comprises of 46% N, it can be easily stored, transported and handled safely. There are no explosion hazards caused by urea fertilizer. Providing each plant with relevant elements needed, urea sustains plant life.
Disadvantages of Urea Fertilizer
Urea Fertilizer releases harmful pollutants during its manufacturing process. The manufacturing involves emission of pollutant gases in the air.
It exerts higher concentrations of ammonia in the soil making it even more acidic and thus retards the soil of its natural fertility.